Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

How may we define the momentarily lusting of a satyriasis and the interim love a man showers upon an Independent Escorts in Bangalore and the transitory fondness the fleeting kindness with an  Independent Escorts in Bangalore.


We Independent Escorts in Bangalore are very much aware of the time frame we are hired and are experienced in handling a client and are aware of a client who is more Inclined in quenching his lust and we genuinely accept being a form of product for a client who seeks to quench  his lusty thirst and we uprightly confess and  accept the truth we Independent Escorts in Bangalore  are just to douse the fantasy of a man.


A man loves his family and his love is focused on his wife and family and the love he showers on his family is unparalleled and we  Independent Escorts in Bangalore are just hired in between for a short time and the conflict of the love towards an escort and his family is unbiased and it is a rarest of a man to conflict his commitment towards his family for the momentarily and fleeting  relationship with an  Independent Escorts in Bangalore


A man is paying to get a choice and never intends to pay an escort again and again and he is always on the hunt for new escorts and a regular monger will never be a repeated client to any escort and will always seek an new escort to quich his lust.


A courtesan is a person who is in the next higher level of an escort and manages a very small clientele for her survival and a courtesan are selected individuals of escorts who are elusive in this escorting business.


A Lothario or a satyriasis is a man who is obsessed with sexual fantasies and will need multiple women to lust his lust full thoughts and if he has no option of an escort he may venture out and prowl in this vast world endangering the innocent women   


An escort stands on guard invisibly and stands in protection for the innocent women in the society and a man when is untamed can have animal behavior and his actions can never be on conscience levels.


We are aware of the cursory alliance with a client and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore are very much deciduous and transitory in nature shedding away the clients as days pass by.


Its is a rarest of cases where a client gets addicted to one escort and a client addiction to escorting is a serous business to be probed and when alcoholism is considered evil and smoking is labeled as killing weapons and there is no Proof of an womanizer or a or a Lothario dying because of a woman.


To this society we Independent Escorts in Bangalore ceased to be a species who are ever ready to show an excess of magnanimity with our clients.


We live a life of an  Independent Escorts in Bangalore with losing our prime of youth and live a dormant  life when we get older.


And No blow jobs had killed a man and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore live a life with pride catering and pampering to mans lusty needs and live a life with amour-propre.